Who are the muses?

We’re an elite group of Music Makers, Publicists, Filmmakers, Music Supervisors, Producers, Creative Storytellers, Attorneys and Digital Alpha Geeks who were inspired by the Muses and have come together to create a team that will heighten your presence in both the digital and physical world through the use of Social Media, the internet, music placement and anything else we can think of to share your music.

In an industry where once the sole barometer of success was record sales, a new future has taken root. With the rise of social media, the opportunity to share your music with an Audience is unlimited.  

But Audiences demand to be continuosly engage. And sometimes that can be all consuming, leaving very little time for you as an individual or band to create the music.  

And isn’t that what this is really about . . . . . the Music!  

Let us help you with:

Fan Loyality 

Digital Rights Management 

Social Viewing Experiences 

Multi Performance Platforms  

Social Media Strategy & Management 

Worldwide Communications Strategy 

Big Idea Campaign Development 

Local, National & World Wide Media Campaigns   

  And much much more!  


We believe in giving back, so if you feel it, Please donate to our favorite charities 

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